Hustler White (1996)


Bruce LaBruce teams up with photographer Rick Castro in a wild re-imagining of Sunset Boulevard, set in 90’s Santa Monica. Anthropologist Jurgen Anger heads to LA to research hustling as a social phenomenon, but after spotting angel-faced hustler Montgomery Ward, he falls hopelessly in love.

Directors: Rick Castro, Bruce La Bruce.
Writers: Bruce La Bruce, Rick Castro.
Stars: Tony Ward, Bruce La Bruce, Ivar Johnson, Kevin P. Scott, Kevin Kramer, Alex Austin, Ron Athey, Glen Meadmore, Graham David Smith, Miles H. Wildecock II, Bud Cockerham, Michael Glass, Ryan Block, Vaginal Davis, Tony Powers, Darryl Carlton, Paul Bateman, Barry Morse, Paul Bellini, Matt Johnstone, Max Millan, Sean McAndrew, Ryan McAndrew, Stephen Mounce, Merle Morris, Brent Hoover, Billy Mauro, Rocco Haze, Steve Hall, Antonio Lee Klatt, Chris Berry, Rick Castro, Wash Westmoreland, Sören Salzer, Josh Levy, Tyr Jung-Hall, Gerald Harris, David Kendall, Eric Polito, J. Cedric Mills, Michael Spain, David Johnson, Steven Anderson.
Cinematographer: James Carman.

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One Comment

  1. Gerald L. Austin
    September 24, 2023

    When I THOUGHT that the movie was over, then a whole bunch of other things started. I definitely DIDN’T want all of that extra stuff that had NOTHING to do with the video. Now, my comments about the video. It was very strange, with some practices that I certainly don’t approve of, BUT I was pleased with the full-frontal male nudity. That is really what my rating was based on.

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