Bille en tête (1989) AKA Headstrong


Virgil is a young man of 16, without complex, ready to devour the life. He is at the turning point when we go from adolescence to adulthood, where he must face the future, love. It does not happen without clashes (with his father in particular), without tenderness (with the Arquebus, the grandmother) and without trouble, facing Clara, a young woman older than him with whom he falls in love. But Virgil’s goal is above all to go through life so as to never regret anything.

Director: Carlo Cotti. AKA Headstrong.
Writers: Alexandre Jardin (novel), Carlo Cotti, Alexandre Jardin.
Stars: Thomas Langmann, Kristin Scott Thomas, Danielle Darrieux, Patrick Raynal, Michel Albertini, Thibault Rossigneux, Vincent Wallez, Philippe Perrussel, Marie-France Mignal, Fabienne Lareido, André Penvern, Jean-Luc Mimault, Joseph Moreau, Gilbert Linol, Pierre Jarillon, André Deslandes, Tauofi Giga, Roland Amstutz, Louis Lalanne, Franck Laigneau, Mireille Cholet, Patrice Galitzine, Fabienne Chaudat, Josiane Pinson, Marie-Christine Fabre, Julie Marboeuf, Raffaella Bergè, Karol Rouland, Eléonore Vinel, Irène Skorik, Edouard Bouzy, Dominique Cettour-Rose, Jean Darie, Lionel Legrand, Jacques Lemaire, Henriette Palazzi.
Cinematographer: Jean-Claude Larrieu.
Composer: Jean-Claude Petit.


  Download in MP4 (Denoised)

                        Download in MKV (Src. file w/undenoised audio)

Many thanks to the person who sent me this, a very rare film by Carlo Cotti, who shall remain anonymous. This copy was sourced from a VHS of unknown origin, the audio was very noisy, to the point that the noise was louder than the voices so I applied a light denoise to make it better to watch, I’m still not completely satisfied with the result so I also added a link for the source file with uncropped black bars and the original undenoised audio (mkv rip). Enjoy!

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