This Thing Called Love (1940)


Two professional people marry, but the wife insists that they be celibate for the first three months, just to see if they are truly compatible. The husband tries various tricks to lure his wife into bed, but she trumps his every serve. Finally, when she is ready for love, he isn’t, having contracted a bad case of poison oak.

Director: Alexander Hall.
Writers: Edwin J. Burke (based upon the play by), George Seaton, Ken Englund & P.J. Wolfson (screenplay)
Stars: Rosalind Russell, Melvyn Douglas, Binnie Barnes, Allyn Joslyn, Gloria Dickson, Lee J. Cobb, Gloria Holden, Paul McGrath, Leona Maricle, Don Beddoe, Sig Arno, Rosina Galli.
Cinematographer: Joseph Walker.
Composer: Werner R. Heymann.


A very difficult film to find in good quality, this copy is also not very good, the image is quite noisy but it has more detail than others I’ve seen and doesn’t have burned-in subtitles, not sure if TCM ever aired this one but if you have a better copy please contact me, I’d love to upgrade it. Thank you!

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