Negatives (1968)


Shopkeeper Theo and his live-in lover, Vivien, ease their weariness with one another by pretending to be characters from the famous Dr. Crippen murder case during lovemaking. When gorgeous bisexual photographer Reingardsees them in the act, she takes up residence in the next room and begins photographing them during sex. As Reingard becomes further enmeshed in the threesome, she pushes Theo into a fantasy that may have dire consequences.

Director: Peter Medak.
Writers: Peter Everett & Roger Lowry (screenplay), Peter Everett (novel).
Stars: Peter McEnery, Diane Cliento, Glenda Jackson, Billy Russell, Norman Rossington, Stephen Lewis, Maurice Denham.
Cinematographer: Ken Hodges.
Composer: Basil Kirchin, John A. Coleman (uncredited).


RIP Glenda Jackson (1936-2023)

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One Comment

  1. Gerald L. Austin
    February 5, 2024

    I didn’t see ANY suggestion even of the photographer catching the couple at sex. Maybe this movie had a portion cut out.

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