The Class of Miss MacMichael (1978)


The film depicts the attempts of an idealistic teacher, Miss MacMichael, to inspire her pupils in an inner-city London school. While trying to help the teens she works with, she also must fight the ultra authoritarian headmaster, Mr Sutton.

Director: Silvio Narizzano.
Writers: Sandy Hutson (novel), Judd Bernard.
Stars: Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reed, Michael Murphy, Rosalind Cash, John Standing, Sylvia O’Donnell, Phil Daniels, Patrick Murray, Sharon Fussey, Riba Akabusi, Perry Benson, Herbert Norville, Owen Whittaker, Danielle Corgan, Angela Brogan, Dayton Brown, Paul Daly, Victor Romero Evans, Simon Howe, Deirdre Forrest, Tony London, Stephanie Patterson, Peta Bernard, Judy Wiles, Patsy Byrne, Christopher Guinee, Ian Thompson, Mavis Pugh, Constantine Gregory, Sylvia Marriott, Sally Nesbitt, Marianne Stone, Pamela Manson, Thomas Baptiste, John Prior, Ian Donnelly, David Elmon, Graham Kennedy Smith, Beverley Martin, Debbie Morton, John Wreford, Honora Burke, Alma Yang Tuk, Christopher Driscoll, Ken Macdonald, Nigel Humphreys, Josh Medak, Adrianna Bernard, Boliver.
Cinematographer: Alex Thomson.
Composer: Stanley Myers.


RIP Glenda Jackson (1936-2023)

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