Blue Jeans (1958)


The story of two 17-year-old boys. They are wearing medals around their necks. They have their pockets full of chewing gum something that they chew ceaselessly. They are wearing blue jeans. They spend the day along the beach front in Cannes looking for girls to win over.

Director: Jacques Rozier.
Writers: Michèle O’Glor (scenario and dialogue), Jacques Rozier (scenario and dialogue), Yvan Audouard (commentary).
Stars: René Ferro, Francis De Peretti, Elisabeth Klar, Laure Coretti, Roger Miglione, Fernand Ruéda, Achille Bésina, Bruno Bietta, Daniele Billaudelle.
Cinematographers: Robert Jacquinet, René Mathelin, Louis Miaille.
Composer: Orquesta Sensación (as Orchestre ‘Sensacion’).


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