Le Plat de sardines – ou la première fois que j’ai entendu parler d’Israël (1998)


A man recollects the conflict in the middle east through his personal memory. In this short documentary, Omar Amiralay reflects on the first time he heard of Israel. Through recorded conversations with filmmaker Mohamed Malas, both Amiralay and Malas share their own unique stories and experiences about Israel and Israeli occupation. In the company of fellow Syrian filmmaker Mohammad Malas, the ground-breaking director Omar Amiralay revisits the ruins of the destroyed Golan village of Quneytra, occupied by Israel and then abandoned following the 1973 war.

Director: Omar Amiralay.
Writer: Omar Amiralay.
Stars: Omar Amiralay, Mohamed Malas.
Cinematographer: Étienne Carton de Grammont.


Thanks a lot to the absolutely essential Ubuweb for making this film available.

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