The Chocolate Acrobat (1995)


Etta is an elderly acrobat incarcerated in a care home. One night, a ghostly presence brings Etta into contact with Alice, a young night nurse. Etta discovers that Alice’s touch brings ecstatic, disturbing memories to life, but Alice has a morbid fear of physical contact.

Director: Tessa Sheridan.
Writer: Tessa Sheridan.
Stars: Sasha Hails, Una Brandon-Jones, Helen Schlesinger, Angela May, Natalie May, Isabel Rocamora, Sophie Griffiths, Arthur George Reeves.
Cinematographer: Gerry Floyd.

English subtitles are available for this film, to enable them on the video player click on the cogwheel, click on the last option (субтитры), and finally, select between regular (“En”) or SDH subtitles (“SDH”).


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