Temptation Harbour (1947)


In this British crime drama, an honest railroad signalman finds himself sorely tempted when he witnesses a murder and later finds $20,000 floating in the harbor. The trouble begins when he decides to take the money and leave town with his daughter and a gold digger. Based on a novel by Georges Simenon.

Director: Lance Comfort.
Writers: Rodney Ackland, Frederick Gotfurt, Victor Skutezky, Georges Simenon (novel).
Stars: Robert Newton, Simone Simon, William Hartnell, Marcel Dalio, Margaret Barton, Edward Rigby, Kathleen Harrison, Leslie Dwyer, Charles Victor, Irene Handl, Wylie Watson, John Salew, George Woodbridge, Kathleen Boutall, Edward Lexy, Dave Crowley, Kathleen Boutall, Gladys Henson.
Cinematographer: Otto Heller.
Composer: Mischa Spoliansky.


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  1. WiG
    April 10, 2023

    only 576p link here, so far…

    • Jon W.
      April 10, 2023

      Fixed! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

      • WiG
        April 10, 2023

        wonderful! many thanks

  2. Bo
    April 19, 2023

    Excellent movie! Had never heard of it. A treasure. But I would not describe her as a golddigger; seemed sincere.

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