Eight Days a Week (1997)


Peter is a good-natured but socially inept young man who is madly in love with Erica, the sweet and devastatingly sexy girl next door. Peter desperately wants Erica as his girlfriend, even though she already has a boyfriend, the large and humorless Nick . Eager to prove himself, Peter takes up the advice of Nonno, his batty grandfather, and literally camps out on her front lawn, willing to wait out the entire summer until she gives him a chance to prove that he can be the man of her dreams. 

Director: Michael Davis.
Writer: Michael Davis.
Stars: Joshua Schaefer, Keri Russell, R.D. Robb, Mark L. Taylor, Marcia Moran, Johnny Green, Buck Kartalian, Catherine Hicks, Patrick Thomas O’Brien, Darleen Carr, Biff Manard, Annie O’Donnell, Ernestine Mercer, Bill Hollis, Jean St. James, Stephen Cserhalmi, Van Epperson, Vinnie Buffolino, Jonathan Osser, Gabrielle Boni, Stephanie Sawyer, Taylor Nix, Steven Brotman, Jesse Hays, Jane Childerhose, James Pappas, Mary Helen Sifford, Mary Helen Sifford, Linda Ljoka, Robyn Fisch, David Lind, Marcia Knott, Peter Casey.
Cinematographer: James Lawrence Spencer.
Composer: Kevin Bassinson.


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