To meteoro vima tou pelargou (1991) AKA The Suspended Step of the Stork


Alexandre, a TV reporter, is working for a few days in a border town, where a lot of refugees from Albania, Turkey and Kurdistan are packed in. Among them, he notices an old man and thinks he is an important Greek politician who disappeared mysteriously a few years ago. Back in Athens, he asks this politician’s former wife to come and identify him. A slow and dry meditation about the inhumanity of borders.

Director: Theo Angelopoulos. AKA Το Mετέωρο Bήμα Tου Πελαργού / The Suspended Step of the Stork
Writers: Theo Angelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Petros Markaris, Dimitris Nollas, Thanassis Valtinos.
Stars: Marcello Mastroianni, Jeanne Moreau, Dora Chrisikou, Gregory Karr, Vassilis Bougiouclakis, Ilias Logothetis, Gerasimos Skiadaressis, Dimitris Poulikakos, Tasos Apostolou, Nadia Mourouzi, Akis Sakellariou, Athinodoros Prousalis, Mihalis Giannatos, Christoforos Nezer, Yilmaz Hassan, Benjamin Ritter, Konstantinos Lagkos, Thodoris Atheridis, Fotos Lambrinos, Rodolphe Moronis, Freddy Vianellis, Giannis Dantis, Dominique Ducos, Giannis Vranas.

Cinematographers: Giorgos Arvanitis, Andreas Sinanos.
Composer: Eleni Karaindrou.

1991 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Palme d’Or.


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  1. Bora
    February 17, 2024

    Hi, can you reupload the film? Also, do you have a better resolution of the film? I’m a film student and I need the see this movie but I can’t find better copy. If you reupload the film, especially on Mega, I would be very happy. Thanks a lot!

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