In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro (1985)


There’s a big drought in Africa. Food and water are scarce. 90,000 wild baboons suddenly start attacking humans and eating them in order to survive. Some people find themselves being hunted by the starving monkeys and must do whatever they can to stay alive.

Director: Raju Patel.
Writers: T. Michael Harry, Jeffrey M. Sneller.
Stars: John Rhys-Davies, Timothy Bottoms, Irene Miracle, Michele Carey, Leonard Trolley, Patty Foley, Calvin Jung, Don Blakely, Jim Boeke, Patrick Gorman, Mark Watters, Carl Vundla.
Cinematographer: Chuy Elizondo.
Composer: Arlon Ober.


Note: There’s some pretty loud noise for the first 27 seconds during the opening credits, after that it dissapears.

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  1. Patrick Trimble
    March 5, 2023

    This is a formulaic tale (supposedly based on a true story) about a wild animal preserve in Kenya where a vast drought droves a gigantic herd of baboons in a feeding frenzy that turns them iinto attackers of the local humans. The idea is fun if nothing out of the genre pool. Rhys Davis works hard at a rare leading man role with capable support from Bottoms but little or no surprises in the narrative..

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