Joan Miró: Theatre of Dreams (1978)


Produced by the BBC, Joan Miró: Theatre of Dreams profiles the Spanish painter known for his childlike exuberance and playful abstract images. Ironically, his colorful pieces were often inspired by painful wartime experiences — specifically, the harshness of Franco’s regime. Written and narrated by Miró’s longtime friend Roland Penrose, the documentary features conversations between the two. Miro, who belonged to the surrealist school, often began paintings by marking the canvas with a splotch or a stain, which later transformed into a bird, a pretzel-shaped man, or a crooked star. At 85, Miró was still working.

Director: Robin Lough.
Writer: Roland Penrose.
Stars: Roland Penrose (narrator), Joan Miró.
Cinematographer: John Hooper.
Composer: Andrew Boulton.


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  1. allhex
    October 10, 2023

    Such incredible footage

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