When She Says No (1984)


The made-for-TV When She Says No takes a prismatic, Rashomon approach to its story of sexual assault. Kathleen Quinlan plays an anthropology professor who, during a roisterous campus party, has sex with three of her colleagues. She takes the matter to court, insisting that she’s been raped. The three men insist that Quinlan led them on–even when saying “no.” Both testimonies are presented in flashbacks which substantiate the words of whomever happens to be testifying. When She Says No refuses to cop out with easy answers: the “lady or the tiger” denouement allows the viewer to draw his or her own conclusion.

Director: Paul Aaron.
Writer: Deena Goldstone.
Stars: Kathleen Quinlan, Jeffrey DeMunn, George Dzundza, David Huffman, Kenneth McMillan, Rip Torn, Jane Alexander, Isabell O’Connor, Jack Rader, Kathy Christopher, John Callahan, Richard Jamison, Michael K. Osborn, Fred Greenblatt, Ralph Jorba, James Oliver.


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