Istanbul (1989)


An American journalist travels to Istanbul with his daughter to find information about the family of his son-in-law. Something terrifying seems to have happened to them. They soon find themselves in a dangerous plot including weapons smuggling.

Director: Mats Arehn.
Writers: Bo Sigvard Nilsson, Mats Arehn, Thomas Samuelsson.
Stars: Timothy Bottoms, Twiggy, Robert Morley, Emma Kihlberg, Lena Endre, Sverre Anker Ousdal, David Gartenkraut, Merdan Taner, Engin Inal, Celal Khosrowshahi, Zeki Göker, Nüvit Özdogru, Saril Sahbaz, Pierre Stahre, Fuat Acaroglu, Mustafa Suphi.


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