Mon cher sujet (1988) AKA My Dear Subject


Miéville’s first solo feature is a sensitive, emotionally complex portrait of three women: a young opera singer contemplating having a child; her mother, who is torn between two lovers; and her grandmother, who lives a life of solitude. As in so many of Miéville’s films, communication is the theme; each woman must struggle, often against the men in their lives, to find her own voice.

Director: Anne-Marie Miéville. AKA My Dear Subject.
Writer: Anne-Marie Miéville.
Stars: Gaële Le Roi, Anny Romand, Hélène Roussel, Yves Neff, Bernard Woringer, Hanns Zischler, Marc Darnault, David Cuinier, Michael Gumener, Anne Michel, Jonathan Kerr, Michel Ferrer, Catherine Cournot, Pierre-André Sand, Christian Musitelli, Laurence Rochaix, Violaine Barret, Roland Sassi, Nathalie Perley, Roland Amstutz.


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