Devil Doll (1964)


American reporter Mark English attempts to get an exposé on how magician/hypnotist The Great Vorelli  manages his stage illusions, but is foiled when Vorelli sets his attention on English’s girlfriend Marianne Horn. Vorelli’s dummy Hugo seems to have a mind of its own, and the ability to walk … and for reasons that Mark can’t get anyone to believe, even after Vorelli puts Marianne in a coma-like trance.

Director: Lindsay Shonteff.
Writers: Ronald Kinnoch(screenplay) (as George Barclay), Charles F. Vetter (screenplay) (as Lance Z. Hargreaves), Frederick E. Smith (story) (as Frederick Escreet Smith).
Stars: Bryant Haliday, William Sylvester, Yvonne Romain, Sandra Dorne, Nora Nicholson, Alan Gifford, Karel Stepanek, Francis De Wolff.

Captions available, to turn them on click on the cogwheel, select the last option, then click on “English”.


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  1. Sean Ramsdell
    June 1, 2024

    As was featured on MST3K

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