Month: May 2021

May 27, 2021 / Drama

Paul Kriza is a cashier of a bank in a small town, the happy husband of Anna, and the father of four children. He is sent to New York to deliver some securities for the bank. There, he is tagged as easy prey by a con-game gang, and gang accomplice Mary Brown proves that he certainly is. The next morning he wakes up to discover that he has been robbed of the securities, and when he confronts the gang, he is hit on the head and taken out to be left on a railroad track. He comes to and struggles with the henchman–who is killed when a train roars by. Paul escapes, but his watch is found and he is reported as the dead man. But he cannot return home.

May 27, 2021 / Animation

This film tries to solve the classic brain-teaser “How can you get a wolf, a sheep and a cabbage across a river one at a time, without them eating each other.” The rational solution seems fine in theory, but does not work when applied to conflicts in real life.

May 27, 2021 / Short

After a session of hypnosis reveals suppressed trauma, a young woman confronts memories of her past.

May 27, 2021 / Comedy
May 19, 2021 / Comedy

J Jordan is an eccentric TV news photographer who dreams of making his own and breaking into the big time. He buys his clothes in bales, sports a four day stubble with an attitude to match, and lives in a house full of outrageous gadgets. Full of heart, humor and off the wall hipness, ONLY A BUCK will warm the hearts and other organs of anyone who has ever wanted to quit the rat race and follow a dream.

May 19, 2021 / Documentary

This short film was made with great loveand skill by Charles Huguenot van der Linden, who was born in 1905. This Tiny World offers us a nostalgic glance at old toys. Toys that cannot always move by themselves are brought into life in the small universe of film. The toys that were used for this film come from private collections and various museums.

May 19, 2021 / Drama

It’s 1980. Malin is fatherless, angry, and in trouble. At 20, he’s spent a year in jail for assaulting a lover of Lily, his mother. In her desk he finds a soldier’s photograph and assumes he’s found his father. He confronts the man, now a teacher, and gets nowhere. At home again, he mocks his mother. Finally, she tells him her grim story, from the year before his birth. We see a people’s court, where Lily’s parents seek justice for their grandchild to be. We follow Lily to a prison camp, to the city where she’s told to inform on the only person who’s been kind, to an asylum, and finally to her current poverty and loneliness. How will Malin respond to these revelations?

May 19, 2021 / Comedy


Movie producer Willi Bauche is so obsessed with planning the career of his starlet wife, Ann that he has neglected to make her feel loved. Frustrated with his lack of attention, Ann quits the business and runs off with soldier Marco Ranieri. Willi becomes so upset that, while drunk, he orders a hit on Marco — but then realizes that Ann is also in danger. He rushes to save her, trying to finally show the love that he neglected for so long.