Requiem dla 500 tysiecy (1963) AKA Requiem for 500.000


A short documentary made in 1963 by Jerzy Bossak and Wacław Kaźmierczak featuring unique archival footage of the Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw. The Warsaw Ghetto (pol. “Getto Warszawskie” ) was the largest of all Jewish Ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe during World From there, about 254,000 Ghetto residents were sent to Treblinka extermination camp during the three months of summer 1942.

Director: Jerzy Bossak & Waclaw Kazmierczak. AKA Requiem for 500.000


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  1. March 5, 2020

    If my recollection is correct all of the material of the film was made by Nazi cameramen. and then re-edited by the filmmakers. Some of the footage I have seen in other documentaries although there is much of this film that is unfamiliar. The question remains how does a human heart remain unmoved by the scenes that were witnessed and filmed by these German soldiers? How did they lose their ability to feel the suffering of a fellow human being?

    • November 15, 2021

      Hi Allan, i was perusing Jon’s Index at and saw your lone remark here for this documentary and just wanted to acknowledge its importance.
      Truly, empathy and compassion (not to mention loving-kindness and other virtues) have to be taught and re-taught to people to keep them from falling in with the legions of evil and apathy.
      May we all keep our hearts open and our minds/bodies dedicated to promoting the welfare of all….

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