Saraba natsu no hikari (1968) AKA Farewell to the Summer Light


A spontaneous romance blooms between Kawamura, a professor touring Europe, and Naoko, a married woman living in Paris, scarred by the Nagasaki atomic bombings. The two protagonists travel around Europe trying to find themselves.

Director: Yoshishige Yoshida. AKA さらば夏の光 / Farewell to the Summer Light
Stars: Mariko Okada, Tadashi Yokouchi, Paul Beauvais, Hélène Soubielle.


Note: Many thanks to Andrew for sending me a copy of this film and also for subtitling the whole thing to English, an incredible effort. Big ups to this man!

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  1. May 5, 2020

    A movie that could go on endlessly, with new generations of searchers arriving in Europe to find or lose themselves in various identities playing the roles. Sensitive, sublime, slow and at times very stiff but always intriguing. Two people walk around Europe and try to figure out who they are : an unpretentous avant garde movie. Many thanks for rescuing this gem.

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