Mae West (1982) AKA The Mae West Story


Biography of the curvaceous and sharp-witted actress who scandalized Broadway and Hollywood in the 1920s-30s with her frank approach to sex.

Director: Lee Philips.
Stars: Ann Jillian, James Brolin, Piper Laurie, Roddy McDowall, Louis Giambalvo, Chuck McCann, Lee de Broux, Donald Hotton, Ian Wolfe, Bill Morey, Rita Taggart, Michael Currie, Jay Garner, Burke Byrnes, Bridgette Andersen.


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  1. Les Corbet
    October 24, 2019

    I remember liking Ann Jillian’s performance as Mae West in this made-for-TV bio, but except for Piper Laurie who played Mae’s mother I don’t remember much else about it. Glad it’s here to see again, though. Mae West wasn’t pleased with it. She cited the early scenes in the carnival, “I never threw it at ’em.”

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