La riffa (1991) AKA The Raffle



Francesca, an incredibly beautiful woman, lost her husband. Only after his death she discovers his unfaithfulness and overall the huge amount of debts he left. Cesare is Francesca’s best friend, he is a solicitor. Following his advices Francesca starts selling all her goods, like the house, jewels, furs and finally also the yacht. By doing this she is able to survive for the rest of the year, but has no perspective for the future. In fact she is unemployed and every plan to get a job fails. She finally takes a decision: she set up a lottery in which the prize is she. Twenty of the most influent man of the high society Bari (Italy), former Francesca’s husband friends, accept the rules and buy the tickets.

Director: Francesco Laudadio. AKA The Raffle
Writer: Francesco Laudadio.
Stars: Monica Bellucci, Giulio Scarpati, Massimo Ghini, Gianluca Favilla, Sandra Collodel, Christina Engelhardt, Tiziana Pini.


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  1. Tamara
    December 11, 2019

    fantastic movie, everything was so beautiful about it and meaningful, this would be my very facourite movie for a long time, my lovely classical monica

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