Dao cao ren (1987) AKA Strawman


In 1940s Taiwan, a small Japanese military marching band ceremoniously arrives at an impoverished farming village to return the remains of Taiwanese soldiers who died fighting in a war far from home. The Japanese occupation (1895–1945) is nearing its end, but the villagers are less concerned with colonial politics than with feeding their families. One day, an American bomb falls onto a field, where it lies unexploded. Oblivious to the potential danger, two clownish brothers excitedly carry it into town hoping to be rewarded by the Japanese general. The journey is filled with slapstick humor as the two escape multiple near-death scenarios.

Director: Tung Wang.
Writers: Hung Sung, Shaudi Wang (as Hsiao Di Wang).
Stars: Chun-fang Chang, Wen-Ying, Ying Ying, Po-Chou Chang, Sheng Li Cho, Chun Hsiung Ko, Mei-Chao Lin, Ping Nan Wu, Kuei-Mei Yang. AKA Strawman 


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  1. Michael
    September 20, 2018

    Many thanks for this rare Taiwanese film

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