A Comedia de Deus (1995) AKA God's Comedy


João de Deus is the manager of an ice-cream shop owned by an ex-prostitute, Paraíso dos Gelados (Ice-Cream Paradise). Through a unmoved desire of perfection, he seeks, through cleansing and purity to attain heaven. The surrounding world, however, does not comply with his decaying vision of lust and decay as a way of achieving his purpose.

Director: João César Monteiro. AKA God’s Comedy
Stars: Cláudia Teixeira, João César Monteiro, Manuela de Freitas, Raquel Ascensão, Gracinda Nave, Patrícia Abreu, Saraiva Serrano, Maria João Ribeiro, Bruno Sousa, Ana Reis, Maria Ester Caldeira, Rui Luis, Dinis Gomes, Glicínia Quartin, Sandra Figueiredo. 

1995 Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.


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