He Died with a Felafel in his Hand (2001)


Danny, onto his 49th share house and in his mid 30s is probably ready for some privacy and independence but is still attracted to the friends and oddball characters that makes sharing a house so attractively horrible. We travel with Danny as he moves through shared houses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Danny’s life is further complicated by the presence of rental goons despatched by landlords in search of unpaid rent and the police chasing him in relation to a credit card debt thanks to a dodgy housemate. Proving he is not responsible is harder than lying about his identity.

Director: Richard Lowenstein.
Writers: Richard Lowenstein, John Birmingham (adapted from the book by).
Stars: Noah Taylor, Emily Hamilton, Romane Bohringer, Sophie Lee, Alex Menglet, Brett Stewart, Damian Walshe-Howling, Francis McMahon, Ian Hughes, Torquil Neilson, Tim Robertson, Linal Haft, Skye Wansey, Robert Morgan, Scott Major, Haskel Daniel, Clayton Jacobson, Nathan Kotzur, Steve Bastoni, Terry Serio, Sayuri Tanoue, Robert Rimmer, Ivan Tatarovic, Pascal Delair, Wendy Roberts, Graeme Carroll, Chris Samios, Keeryn Gill, Benjamin Rich, Rebecca Cutler, Rani Hayman, Stuart Nicholls, Harry Brentnall, Norris Blanks, Jilly Ferguson, Jon Wicks, Simon Wheeler, Matt Dunk, Michael Fawaz, Skye Gamblin, Glenn Newnham, Sophie Stawaruk, Paul Creedon, Ryan Torneur, Jim Hamell, Connie Tourneur, Todd Tourneur, Colin Cahl, Stav Maigaionis, Barry Bassett, Gus Fama, Anthony Tills, Xanthe Beesley, Tracey Eagan, Angela Genders, Ian Mossam, Lara Pape, Rebecca Polly, Sasha Roper, Tony Rose, Shannon Vodane, Ben Wilson, James Dean, Terry Paye, Brent Dunner, Jenny Blair, Warwick Elsey, Adrian Massey, Dustin Matterson, Daniel Murrell, Raymond Stabe, Daniel Turnbull, Russell Morgan, Eireann Dorney.
Cinematographer: Andrew de Groot.
Composer: Richard Markowitz.

2001 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival – Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film.

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