The Whole of the Moon (1996)


When Kirk, a top roller-blader, discovers that he has bone cancer in his leg, his pleasant affluent life is shattered. Even though amputation provides the best chance for survival; to him, losing skating means the end of life. His friends cannot cope with his condition, but his hospital isolation is relieved by Marty – a street kid survivor who was found dying of leukemia. Marty bullies, taunts, and challenges Kirk, until he begins to climb out of his depression. Marty seems afraid of nothing and, knowing she will die, wants to experience everything.

Director: Ian Mune.
Writers: Richard Lymposs, Ian Mune.
Stars: Toby Fisher, Nikki Si’ulepa, Pascale Bussières, Paul Gittins, Jane Thomas, Nicola Cliff, Elliot O’Donnell, Carl Rand, Greg Johnson, Olie Rennie, Lee Metekingi, Sam Holland, Ezra Woods, Hannah Collins, William Sabin, Missy Frick, Suzie Taylor, McKay Tharp, Tineke Van Der Walle, Gina Rinnie, Chloe Jordan, Julie Sterie, Marion Holmes, Adam Middleton, Karen Routledge, Amber Cunliffe, Vivienne Stanley, Ashleigh Seagar, R. Scott Hamann, Edwin Hussey, Ben Estwood, Adam Riesharr, Robert Elliott, Kent Rowater, Kerryn Fowlie, Joe Folau, Mira Tupou, Anton Torin, Alfred Aholeiei, Joseph Naufahu.
Cinematographer: Warrick Attewell (as Warrick ‘Waka’ Attewell).
Composer: Daniel Scott.


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Language: English | Subtitles: None

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