Jardim de Guerra (1968)


Edson is having an affair with actress Maria do Rosário, who dreams of being a movie director. So he tries to get some easy money for her film, but is arrested and meets a police torturer instead.

Director: Neville de Almeida.
Writers: Neville de Almeida, Jorge Mautner (story), Guará Rodrigues, Rogério Sganzerla (additional dialogue).
Stars: Joel Barcelos, Maria do Rosário Nascimento e Silva, Vera Brahim, Carlos Guimas, Ezequiel Neves, Paulo Góes, Jorge Mautner, Geraldo Mayrink, Sérgio Chamoux, Claudia de Castro, Guará Rodrigues.
Cinematographer: Dib Lutfi.
Composers: Vidal França, Fernando Lona.


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One Comment

  1. Barry Fantoni
    April 30, 2023

    I am sorry to say this a load of toss. How anyone ever bothered with any prt of it is beyond me. Even a first year film student would be ashamed to ha e their name connected with this junk.

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