Vakantie van de filmer (1974) AKA The Filmmaker's Holiday


In Vakantie Van de Filmer, filmmaker van der Keuken brings together various audio and visual materials: memories of an elderly married couple, personal holiday photos, the saxophonist Ben Webster, poems and a portrait of his grandfather who introduced him to the world of photography. A representation in which the various spaces flow together prompting reflection about the tension between film and photography, time standing still and the moving image. Van der Keuken revises and reformulates, like an alchemist, his own aesthetic principles and shows how these tie in with his own social environment.

Director: Johan van der Keuken. AKA The Filmmaker’s Holiday.
Stars: Teun van de Keuken, Berend van der Keuken, Johan van der Keuken, Stijn van der Keuken, Noshka Van der Lely.
Cinematographer: Johan van der Keuken.


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One Comment

  1. Gerald L. Austin
    December 23, 2023

    Although I really didn’t find any cohesiveness, or story to this film, I enjoyed some of the scenes a lot. I am drawn to scenes of old farms, vehicles, gardens and a more simple and plain life, and there was some of that in this little movie.

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