Raven Hawk (1996)


A vengeful Native American woman hunts for the business tycoon who destroyed her life when she was only 12. Her ordeal began when he had her parents killed and then made it look as if she did it.

Director: Albert Pyun.
Writer: Kevin Alyn Elders.
Stars: Rachel McLish, John Enos III, Ed Lauter, Matt Clark, Michael Champion, Mitch Pileggi, Mitchell Ryan, Nicholas Guest, John de Lancie, Bill Bird, Virginia Capers, John Fleck, Jerry Garcia, Randy Hall, Pato Hoffmann, Vincent Klyn, Michele Marsh, Thom Mathews, Lee McLaughlin, Beau Michaels, Jan Anahwake Nahtanaba, Kimberly Guerrero, Alan Oliney, Charlie Skeen, Adrian Sparks, James Tarwater, Dick Warlock, Karina Ybarra, Paul Beahm, Robert Miller, Al Jones, Douglas O’Neil, William Atherton.
Cinematographer: George Mooradian.
Composer: Johnny Harris.


MP4 | 1.67 GB | 1280×544 | 30 FPS | 2500 kb/s | AAC 317 kb/s
Language: English | Subtitles: None

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Many thanks to Stein for sending me a copy of this film, which is in the proper 2.35:1 AR 😉

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