Swann (1996)


Rose Hindmarsh finds herself at the centre of a controversy when she meets author Sarah Maloney as she investigates the life of Mary Swann, an obscure poet who was brutally murdered in a small town in rural Ontario.

Director: Anna Benson Gyles.
Writers: Carol Shields (novel), David Young.
Stars: Miranda Richardson, Brenda Fricker, David Cubitt, Michael Ontkean, Sean Hewitt, John Neville, Sean McCann, Kyra Harper, Meg Hogarth, Suzanne Coy, Joyce Gordon, William Lynn, Lynne Deragon, Reiner Schwarz, Michele Muzzi, David Keeley, Waneta Storms, Matthew Bennett, Scott Wickware, Tom Melissis, John Nelles, Henry Gomez, Barbara Stewart, Katya Ladan, Geny Walter.
Cinematographer: Gerald Packer.
Composer: Richard Rodney Bennett.


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