Session Man (1991)


When personal and creative differences threaten to destroy a musical supergroup during the recording of an album, studio guitar player McQueen is brought in to smooth out the tracks. Soon he is reconsidering the direction of his life as he dreams of the elusive brass ring.

Director: Seth Winston.
Writer: Seth Winston.
Stars: James Remar, Michael Harris, Ricardo Aguilar, Erich Anderson, Greg De Belles, Michael Durrette, Teresa Crespo Hartendorp, Bader Howar, Robert Knepper, Jeff Kober, Tito Larriva, Evan MacKenzie, Chris McCarty, Henry G. Sanders, Chad Smith, Lee Tergesen, Elena Wohl.
Cinematographer: Charlie Lieberman.
Composer: Don Davis.

1992 Academy Awards – Winner of an Oscar for Best Short Film, Live Action.


Many thanks to Steve for sending me a copy of this film, definitely an upgrade compared to other copies of this film out there.

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  1. Vidor
    February 1, 2023

    Oscar winner! Oscar winner! Hot damn!

  2. Tveitt Irgens
    February 10, 2023

    It’s interesting to see one oscar winner after another having been awarded the much coveted prize even though the finished product is done with bland editing, very poor acting, and off the wall lightning. Again shows the prize has very little to do with the films winning them.

  3. Patrick Trimble
    February 18, 2023

    I enjoyed the narrative center of this liittle short; so much happens and yet so little takes place.. I also thought James Remar was excellent in the lead..

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