Maratonci trce pocasni krug (1982) AKA The Marathon Family


The story is set between the two World wars. The Topalovic family consists of five generations of males, with the youngest one aged 25 and the oldest aged 150. Conflicts break out in the family because the youngest member refuses to carry on the morticians’ trade, which for decades, from generation to generation has been his family’s occupation. The manufacturing of coffins is more and more lucrative, new technologies are introduced, burials are faster and easier, the era of crematoriums is here. But the youngest member of the family, Mirko, is not interested.

Director: Slobodan Sijan. AKA The Marathon Family
Writer: Dusan Kovacevic (play & screenplay).
Stars: Bogdan Diklic, Danilo ‘Bata’ Stojkovic, Pavle Vuisic, Mija Aleksic, Milivoje ‘Mica’ Tomic, Radislav Lazarevic, Zoran Radmilovic, Jelisaveta ‘Seka’ Sablic, Bora Todorovic, Melita Bihali, Fahro Konjhodzic, Veljko Mandic, Mihajlo ‘Bata’ Paskaljevic, Dragoljub Milosavljevic-Gula, Miroslav Jovanovic, Dragoslav Jovanovic, Milovan Tasic, Milan Janjic, Ras Rastoder, Stanojlo Milinkovic, Vojislav Micovic, Nebojsa Topic, Nikola Brodac.
Composer: Zoran Simjanovic.
Cinematographer: Bozidar ‘Bota’ Nikolic.


Download in MP4 (720p Encode w/Eng. hardsubs)

 Download in MKV (1080p Src. file w/Eng. softsubs)

Many, many thanks to my dear friend Mateja for the much improved English subtitles, no idea who made the original English subtitles for this film as I couldn’t find the author. When I was checking the quality of these subtitles I found online I noticed some errors but because I don’t know any Serbian I didn’t really notice how bad it really was until my friend told me after checking them in detail so this is a pretty much a completely new translation, also, quoting Mateja: “it’s a tough movie to translate as so much of it relies on word play and very specific dialogue”. Thanks again, Mateja, for taking the time to create proper subs for this great film. Enjoy, everyone!

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  1. Frøydis Tuseth-Kraft
    May 30, 2024

    This was great!

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