March 3, 2024 / Short
December 24, 2023 / Drama

In late 1944, as the end of World War II approaches, the Wehrmacht’s high command determines to withdraw General Alexander Lohr’s Army Group ‘E’ from the Balkans back to Germany. They plan to supply the tank columns with fuel from a depot in Sarajevo. The Yugoslav partisans’ leader in the city, a mysterious man known as Walter, presents a grave danger to the operation’s success, and the Germans dispatch Standartenfuhrer von Dietrich of the Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service) to deal with him.

October 13, 2023 / Animation

With fast changing visuals and moods, an artist presents his family’s twentieth-century story. Although Stalin’s sour image is in the background, a boy’s childhood is a dreamlike world of colors and a butterfly. War interrupts youth and romance. Hitler, concentration camps, and conflagration finally give way to a mother and child (father is missing in the war), birds, beauty and more butterflies. The child grows. Pop culture arrives from America, but the grim shadow of Stalinism remains. The artist leaves to study in the West. Art, animation, sex, and love nourish him. He earns a diploma!

September 15, 2023 / Animation

Too fast a pace of life in overcrowded, noisy and polluted cities make people sick, neuroses is a common occurrence. A man is trying to sleep but noises keep him up. Trying to stop the noise he reveals a bizarre mixture of sounds and images. The film explores what can happen to a man irritated by noise when all he wants is to peacefully read his newspaper. From being peaceful the man turns dangerous. He is ready to destroy. 

July 26, 2023 / Animation

The fauna of the megalopolis, the jungle of the supermarket, the bedlam of brothels and bars, the effect of the bars in the fog, the swaying ears of corn, the swaying of men hanging from the gallows, the ripple of water – seen by the eye of the animator in harmony and conflict and accompanied by the satirical, mocking, but sometimes pure lyrical music of Erik Satie.

July 10, 2023 / Drama

Set over a single early-1960s summer in one of Sarajevo’s mahalas, the plot follows the fortunes of a school boy nicknamed Dino. Simultaneous to being enthralled with a life that flashes before his eyes and ears in the local cinema and youth centre (where, among other things, he watches Alessandro Blasetti’s Europa di notte and listens to Adriano Celentano’s 24 Mila Baci), Dino gets a taste of the world inhabited by local thugs and petty criminals. However, when he is rewarded via a liaison for providing a hiding place for prostitute “Dolly Bell”, his world is turned upside down as he falls in love with her.

May 16, 2023 / Experimental
May 16, 2023 / Drama