June 23, 2022 / Animation

Two neighbours live in the same house as the best friends until one of them buys a small harmonica and starts to play in a unbearable way. The other one takes his revenge and answers with some intolerable play on a larger accordeon. They start a competition, using bigger and bigger instruments. Other neighbours join them in a dreadful ear-splitting noise. This infernal sounds provoke some unwanted consequences, all because of a small »Piccolo« accordeon.

May 11, 2022 / Animation

The Inspector carefully walks down the city streets avoiding “danger”. He comes home, washes his feet and reads the newspapers. Suddenly, he sees a fingerprint that starts running. The Inspector follows it… This satirical cartoon about the need for excitement, mystery, suspense and a dynamic life contains all kinds of witty situations and comical details.

May 5, 2022 / Animation

Nedeljko Dragić is one of Yugoslavia’s foremost animation artists. This film is a visual diary of a visit to the United States, for which he has transformed his impressions into a rapidly flowing, semi-abstract series of images. He has created a nightmarish vision, with certain ideas, such as the pace and superficiality of life, technological and economic power and ostentatious advertising, predominating. In his somewhat sardonic comment on American values the more innocent images of the past, like the love-sick mouse chasing a cat and the small figure of Chaplin’s little tramp, are few and far between. 

April 21, 2022 / Drama

The main character of the film is a teenage boy, called Trta who lives with his mother, a prostitute, in a small provincial town. He roams the streets, commits small thefts and soon is sent to Belgrade to a home for juvenile delinquents. There, he is assigned to counselor Žarko who tries to win the boy’s full trust and treat him in a way that is not the practice of the Home. The Home’s authorities are against Žarko’s manner of special treatment, and the conflict is unavoidable.

March 20, 2022 / Arthouse

A Greek-American filmmaker, known simply as «A», returns to his hometown in northern Greece for a screening of his latest controversial film. His real reason for coming back, however, is to track down three long-missing reels of film by Greece’s pioneering Manakia brothers who in the early years of cinema traveled through the Balkans, ignoring national and ethnic strife and recording ordinary people, especially craftsmen, on film. Their images, he believes, hold the key to lost innocence and essential truth, to an understanding of Balkan history.

January 26, 2022 / Short

A dark comedy/western about the showdown of a love couple on hangers, on for adultery. Re-examining the Balkan and Hollywood myths and magic, the movie is set in 1897 and situated around gallows in the Wild West.

December 22, 2021 / Animation
December 6, 2021 / War