Risk (1993)


Maya, a New York artist and model, meets Joe, a drifter. They begin a passionate affair. On an impromptu trip to visit Joe’s sister in the country, Joe’s inner demons begin to surface. Maya tries to help and eventually struggles to hold on as Joe becomes increasingly unstable.

Director: Deidre Fishel.
Writer: Deidre Fishel.
Stars: Karen Sillas, David Ilku, Molly price, Jack Gwaltney, Christie MacFadyen, Barry Snider, Gloria Maddox, Travis Shakespeare, Michael C. Mahon, Laya, Pito Davila, Charlie Levi, Patrick Fitzpatrick, David Lansing, Kimona Ryan, Phillip Clarke, Sylvia Fishel.

1994 Sundance Film Festival – Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize – Dramatic.


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