L’Argent des Autres (1978) AKA Other People's Money


Bank executive Rainier allows his firm to deliver adventurous investor Chevalier d’Aven a huge loan, with what he thinks is his employer Mirement’s total backing. Chevalier’s business proves indeed to be disastrous, which forces the bank to cover up its high deficits. News of the scandal breaks out, and the bank now sees Rainier as the one being responsible for it – he is laid off. Wife Celine and union representative Arlette suggest he should sue his former boss.

Director: Christian de Chalonge. AKA Other People’s Money.
Writers: Nancy Markham (novel), Pierre Dumayet, Christian de Chalonge.
Stars: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Claude Brasseur, Michel Serrault, Catherine Deneuve, François Perrot, Gérard Sety, Jean Leuvrais, Umberto Orsini, Michel Berto, Francis Lemaire, Juliet Berto, Michel Delahaye, Liza Braconnier, Maurice Vallier, Serge Berry, Laura Kornbluh, Michèle Kornbluh, Jean-François Dérec, Raymond Bussières, René Bouloc, Claude Marcault, Moune de Rivel, Jean-Pierre Sentier, Marc Chpill.

1978 – Winner Prix Louis Delluc.


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RIP Jean-Louis Trintignant (1930-2022).

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  1. Kathy Moore
    August 26, 2022

    I love JLT and thank you so much for finding this one and getting it online. I can’t wait to watch it! Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Eric Wall
    October 13, 2023

    Riveting viewing.

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