The Ski Bum (1971)


Ski instructor Johnny is carrying on a romance with Samantha, a married woman who also serves as the hostess at a ski lodge. Samantha coaxes Jack into giving skiing lessons to the Stones, a rich family whose patriarch is the head of a mysterious company planning to take over the resort.

Director: Bruce D. Clark.
Writers: Romain Gary (novel), Bruce D. Clark, Marc Siegler.
Stars: Zalman King, Charlotte Rampling, Joseph Mell, Dimitra Arliss, Tedd King, Dwight Marfield, Freddie James, Lori Shelle, Pierre Jalbert, Anna Karen, Michael Lerner, Paul Jabara, Don Campbell, Noah Keen, David Chow, Penelope Spheeris, Deborah Smaller, Peter Cecil Read, Herbie Braha, Nawana Davis, Redmond Gleeson, Bruce D. Clark, Marc Siegler, David Dawdy, Buck Holland, Hayward Doyle Jr., David Hillary Hughes, Jackson Browne, Ned Doheny, Sylvia Shelle.


Found on Youtube, all credits to Mickey 1 and also to ProstrateConstantly @PTP for the fandub work syncing the English audio from the U.S. VHS release of the film with the much better looking and in proper AR Italian DVD version. This copy I found on Youtube has chapters 4 and 5 in the correct order as the Italian DVD came with them in wrong order for some very weird reason making it lose narrative sense. This version is about ~3 minutes shorter than the VHS version (considering the PAL speed-up) but it’s in correct AR (2.35:1 vs 1:33:1). The runtime listed on IMDb is wrong.

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  1. Chris
    July 2, 2022

    Love this movie! Lucky enough to see a print a few years ago. Anyone have any interviews with Bruce D. Clark or know about the making of the film?


  2. Nick D.
    July 3, 2022

    Screen World has it at 94 minutes.

    • Jon W.
      July 4, 2022

      Yeah the VHS seems to be 94-95 minutes but because of the very different AR a composite copy combining the two would look very weird, I doubt any relevant scenes are missing tho.

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