La vida según Muriel (1997) AKA Life According to Muriel


Abandoned by her husband, Laura takes her nine year old daughter, Muriel, and leaves the hectic life on Buenos Aires bound for the tranquility of Argentina’s countryside. When they lose all their belongings in a freak accident, Muriel and her mother are taken in by a suspicious proprietor of a run down hotel, Mirta who has children on her own. Through struggles and hardships, the two women form a makeshift family only to have it threatened when Muriel’s father shows up looking to make amends. It’s a story of courage and survival, it is also a story of men and women as seen through the eyes of a child.

Director: Eduardo Milewicz. AKA Life According to Muriel.
Writers: Eduardo Milewicz, Susana Silvestre.
Stars: Soledad Villamil, Inés Estévez, Jorge Perugorría, Federico Olivera, Florencia Camiletti, Gonzalo Salama, Carolina Valverde, María Lepret, Nahuel Mutti, Beba Quintana, Bruno Quintana, Oscar Carranza, Eduardo Oscar Tuneu.


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  1. Marcia
    July 21, 2022

    Beautiful nature, nice to watch, it could be less melodramatic

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