Home Free All (1983)


Childhood friends Al and Barry become reacquainted through a chance meeting. Despite the different directions their lives have taken as adults, they share the same challenges, disillusionment, and joys that accompany modern life.

Director: Steward Bird.
Writer: Steward Bird.
Stars: Allan F. Nicholls, Roland Caccavo, Mary Ellyn, Shelley Wyant, Lucille Rivin, Janet Burnham, Lorry Goldman, Daniel Benzali, José Ramón Rosario, Melanie Bradshaw, Francesca Valerio, Joyce Soyzen, Elizabeth Burkland, John Hallow, Mark Urman, Sam Rubinsky, Mike Alpert, Steve Powers, Thomas Kopache, Chazz Palminteri, Harve Soto, Mario Todisco, Joe Lisi, Pura Bobe, Jimmy Adler, Geoffrey Ewing, Rose Geffen.


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