Harry’s War (1981)


Harry Johnson’s aunt is a rich eccentric with an extensive collection of military memorabilia, who also happens to be in a fight with the IRS. When she dies of a heart attack, Harry blames her death on the IRS and takes up the fight himself. As Harry’s cause gains attention and supporters, the ‘war’ soon escalates into a full-scale seige with Harry right in the center.

Director: Keith Merrill.
Writers: Bruce Jay Friedman (story “A Change of Plan”), Neil Simon (screenplay).
Stars: Edward Herrmann, Geraldine Page, Karen Grassle, David Ogden Stiers, Salome Jens, Elisha Cook Jr., James Ray, Douglas Dirkson, Jerrold Ziman, Jim McKrell, Noble Willingham, Prentiss Rowe, Vernon Weddle, Max Lewin, Alan Cherry, Bruce Robinson, Rex Cutter, Kamee Aliessa, Kieri Valee, Scott Wilkinson, David Mason Daniels, Spencer McMullin, Jean Stringham, Leslie Perry, Robert Daugherty, Oscar Rowland, Marc Raymond, David Sterago, Terry Afton Lee, Charles Chagnon, Dolly Big Soldier, Paul Anderson, Larry Roupe, Jack Reddish, Leola Green, Star Herrmann, Mickey Wodrich, Jay Bernard.

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  1. RareMovies
    April 22, 2022

    i requested this i think months ago or last year and you came through! thanks RAREFILMM

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