Double messieurs (1986) AKA Double Gentlemen


In a routine look at what it means to finally leave adolescence behind — even in one’s mature years — this series of mood swings and sequences focuses on two grown men. Francois and Leo are old friends, and at one point they decide to go out and search for one of their childhood buddies, the brunt of several of their practical jokes. In true form, the men opt for playing yet another practical joke on their friend, but their plans backfire when his wife Helene comes into the picture instead. Her presence forces them to reconsider their shenanigans in a new light.

Director: Jean-François Stévenin. AKA Double Gentlemen
Writers: Jean-François Stévenin, Bruno Nuytten, Jackie Berroyer.
Stars: Yves Afonso, Carole Bouquet, Jean-François Stévenin, Jean-Pierre Kohut-Svelko, Dominique Sampieri, Serge Valézy, Pierre Edelman, Brigitte Roüan, Jacqueline Dale, Henri Baur, Bernard Chemorin, Jean-Paul Bonnaire.


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