A Idade da Terra (1980) AKA The Age of the Earth


The day that Pier Paolo Pasolini was killed, Glauber Rocha decided to make this film about the life of Christ in the Third World. Starting from a dialectical synthesis between capitalism and socialism, and a search of interracial relationships in Brazil, Rocha created a work of religious and prophetic tone that results in a kind of bewilderment contemplative, now lyrical, now frantic, soaked in a new messianism. In his last film, the director proposed a tune of sounds and images that build a picture of Brazil and a portrait of himself.

Director: Glauber Rocha. AKA The Age of the Earth
Writers: Castro Alves (poem), Glauber Rocha (screenplay & story).
Stars: Maurício do Valle, Jece Valadão, Antonio Pitanga, Tarcísio Meira, Geraldo Del Rey, Ana Maria Magalhães, Norma Bengell, Danuza Leão, Carlos Petrovicho, Mário Gusmão, Paloma Rocha.

1980 Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.


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  1. Aloisio Branco
    April 14, 2022

    Great Glauber Rocha!

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