Uncle Vanya (1957)


Using his own money, actor Franchot Tone mounted this courageous film version of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. Tone is cast as Dr. Astroff, who falls in love with a woman beyond his reach. All the while, Sonia, the woman who loves Astroff, is neglected and ignored. The titular Uncle Vanya watches the passing parade of humanity, embittered over the opportunities missed in his own life.

Directors: John Goetz & Franchot Tone.
Writers: Anton Chekhov (play), Stark Young (adaptation), Stark Young (translation).
Stars: Franchot Tone, Clarence Derwent, Dolores Dorn, Shirley Gale, Gerald Hiken, Peggy McCay, Mary Perry, Sanford Seeger, George Voskovec.


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