It’s Hard to be Good (1948)


Six years of war have given Captain Gladstone Wedge – James to his friends – some very definite ideas on the future of mankind. He is determined that when the war is over he will do all he can to spread the word. Whilst rescuing his Sergeant, he is wounded and sent to a military hospital where he meets and falls in love with his nurse, Mary. He still desires to spread his earnest beliefs but how will this fit in with his plans for his new-found love?

Director: Jeffrey Dell.
Writer: Jeffrey Dell.
Stars: Anne Crawford, Jimmy Hanley, Raymond Huntley, Edward Rigby, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Joyce Carey, Geoffrey Keen, Lana Morris, David Horne, Muriel Aked, Cyril Smith, Leslie Weston, Alison Leggatt.


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