Police State (1987)


Zedd is minding his business, when he is stopped by a cop who accuses him of being a junkie. After a short argument he is beaten and dragged to the police station. At the station he is interrogated by a detective and the police chief. After being beaten and tortured several more times, Nick Zedd’s character mutilates himself with some hedge cutters.

Director: Nick Zedd.
Writer: Nick Zedd.
Stars: Nick Zedd, Rockets Redglare, Flip Crowley, Willoughby Sharp, Janell Moore.


RIP Nick Zedd (1958-2022).
More films by Zedd available on the great UbuWeb.

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  1. Ronald Wilsaphone
    December 30, 2022

    Not much budget here; in fact, I’d argue none. Zedd also never had any interest in learning anything about filmmaking before, during or after making any of his films. Therefore, they all, on most levels, suck. HOWEVER, Zedd has so much piss and vinegar in him and general angry punk attitude that it doesn’t matter! This is an angry punk film and it might be his best!

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