Big Blonde (1980)


Oscar-nominee Sally Kellerman stars in Dorothy Parker’s 1929 O. Henry Prize-winning short story which poignantly chronicles the life of a vivacious showroom model and good-time party girl in the 1920’s who gives up her high-life for marriage to a traveling salesman – played by four-time Emmy winner John Lithgow. When he turns out to be a hard-drinking philanderer, the marriage deteriorates – and the now-blowsy and dissolute aging flapper turns to drinking for solace, moving from man to man as she sinks into an alcoholic haze. 

Director: Kirk Browning.
Writers: Dorothy Parker (short story), Ellen M. Violett.
Stars: Sally Kellerman, Harris Laskawy, Victor Griffin, Trey Wilson, Jess Osuna, James Gallery, Donna Mitchell, Richard Dow, Anita Morris, Michael Lombard, Peggy Lowe, John Lithgow, Peg Murray, George Coe, Bert Michaels, Hansford Rowe, Rosetta LeNoire, Jesse C. Kennedy, Tony Devon.


RIP Sally Kellerman (1937-2022).

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