Jonas in the Desert (1994)


Evidently shot over a decade, this documentary portrait of Lithuanian-born filmmaker-poet Jonas Mekas examines his life and career as a director (The BrigGuns of the Trees), film critic, film historian, magazine editor, teacher (NYU), film distributor (Film-Makers’ Cooperative), and founder of Manhattan’s leading avant-garde film showcase (Anthology Film Archives). Mekas had a significant influence on the New York avant-garde, as indicated in interview segments with Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Martin Scorsese, Allen Ginsberg, and others. Past films made by Mekas are seen in clips. German filmmaker Peter Sempel has chosen to assemble this profile in an oblique and elliptical manner not inappropriate for his unique subject.

Director: Peter Sempel.
Writers: Jonas Mekas, Peter Sempel.


Note: Copy from German TV broadcast w/hardcoded German subs, audio is in English, seems to be a German production so I’m not sure if this ever aired on British or American TV without subtitles, maybe not, if anyone out there has a clean copy please let me know.

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