Ich bin meine eigene Frau (1992) AKA I Am My Own Woman


The life story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, born Lothar Berflede. Miss Charlotte survived the Nazi reign and the repression of the Communists as a transvestite and helped start the German gay liberation movement. Documentary with some dramatized scenes. Two actors play the young and middle aged Charlotte and she plays herself in the later years.

Director: Rosa von Praunheim. AKA I Am My Own Woman
Writers: Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (story), Valentin Passoni, Rosa von Praunheim.
Stars: Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, Jens Taschner, Ichgola Androgyn, Robert Dietl, Beate Jung, Sylvia Seelow, Evelyn Cron, Utz Krause, Rainer Luhn, Heiner Carow.

Rosa von Praunheim talks about I Am My Own Woman for American television newsmagazine In the Life (airdate: December 25, 1993). Footage preserved by UCLA’s Film & Television Archive.



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  1. Gerald L. Austin
    September 17, 2022

    A very interesting film. Being that I really like nudity, I was thrilled at the very few scenes where her dress was raised and there were male genitals. I was HOPING that there were more scenes of sexual activities, but the movie DID have as it’s theme the story of one person’s life in the openly gay community.

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