Slade in Flame (1975) AKA Flame


The early 1970s were very good to glam rockers Slade. In their native Britain, they invaded the charts with 17 Top 20 hits, including six at #1. Devoted fans couldn’t play Slade’s anthem-rock loud enough, and the band played to packed clubs and concert halls all across the country. Like The Beatles and The Who, Slade too was seduced by the call of celluloid. In 1975, the band answered that call, starring in the critically lauded Slade in Flame. A darker kind of Spinal Tap, the film features the band starring as a fictitious version of themselves, while taking a gritty, realistic look at the underbelly of the music industry, where hustlers, sharks and managers prey upon hot new bands.

Director: Richard Loncraine.
Writers: Andrew Birkin (screenplay), Dave Humphries (additional dialogue).
Stars: Don Powell, Jim Lea, Noddy Holder, Dave Hill, Tom Conti, Alan Lake, Johnny Shannon, Kenneth Colley, Anthony Allen, Sara Clee, Nina Thomas, Michael Coles, Rosko, Tommy Vance, John Dicks, Barrie Houghton, A.J. Brown, Susan Tebbs, Patrick Connor, Anthony Roye, Jimmy Gardner, Sheila Reynor.


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