Soul Hustler (1973) AKA The Day the Lord Got Busted


Singer Matthew Crowe teams up with a tent show preacher who uses him as part of his touring show. Matthew lands a record deal and the preacher becomes his manager. They hire a group of musicians and become very successful. However, his new fortune increases his dependence on drugs, and his off-stage carousing threatens his career.

Director: Burt Topper. AKA The Day the Lord Got Busted.
Writer: Burt Topper.
Stars: Fabian, Nai Bonet, Tony Russel, Larry Bishop, Casey Kasem, William Bonner, Kitty Vallacher, Marshall Reed, Lionel Ames, Larry Easley, Rosswell Hahn Jr., Robert Swan, Tracy Morgan, Mikel Angel, Diana Darrin, Adriana Shaw, Carolyn Payne, Patrick Dennis-Leigh.


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