I Know the Way to the Hofbraeuhaus (1992)


Comedy shot without a script on Super-8mm as a silent film, with intertitles later inserted between scenes. What unfolds is a familiar Achternbusch tale in which the protagonist (here his alter-ego, Hick) is driven by a mad longing and becomes irretrievably lost. Unable to meet the demands of the workaday world, Hick wanders alone through the city and, as in many of Achternbusch’s films, enters an intermediate realm in which the dead interact with the living: he encounters and falls in love with a mummy, searches for an Egyptian queen, and stalks the inner regions of the hereafter, which lie in the middle of Munich.

Director: Herbert Achternbusch.
Writer: Herbert Achternbusch.
Stars: Herbert Achternbusch, Bernd Bayerl, Uschi Burkhart, Barbara de Koy, Bettina Hauenschild, Peter Luppa, Inuru Olivi, Klaus Ortner, Hias Schaschko, Johannes Silberschneider, Margot Steinleitner, Veronika von Quast.


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